Babson Magazine

Fall 2018

Priya Parrish ’05

Investing for Impact

An increasing number of investors are thinking more broadly about what to do with their money. Yes, they want to make a nice profit, but when considering companies in which to invest, they are starting to ask an important question: Will my investment make the world a better place?

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Get to Know Blockchain

Perhaps most known for its connection to bitcoin, blockchain technology has the potential to impact business operations way beyond the …

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The Stories on the Shelves

Visit a professor’s office on campus, and you may see crowded desks and cluttered shelves full of books and binders, curios and keepsakes. Giving …

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Small Talk with Jessica Chang

Jessica Chang, MBA’12, grew up in Dallas and has lived in Taiwan, so New England’s culinary traditions were unfamiliar to her when she moved to …

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Just for Kicks

Small batch, artisanal, handmade. Those are popular buzzwords nowadays, most often applied to items like bourbon and cheese. Armand Wilson ’11 is …

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An Uncommon Commons

By this time next year, the new Babson Commons at Horn Library—light, bright, airy, and inviting—will be the place on campus to connect, …

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A Place to Chase Inspiration

The new Weissman Foundry, which gives Babson, Olin, and Wellesley college students a space to build, collaborate, and explore ideas, is now open. …

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Looking Ahead to 2019

This fall, Babson welcomed the Class of 2022 to campus and kicked off one of the most significant academic years in the institution’s history—a …

News, Notes + Nods

Wondering what your classmates have been up to? Come catch up!

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Lessons Learned

Fail fast, fail often: It’s frequently cited as a key to success. Through failure, we come to know our true strengths and learn about resilience, …

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Advice from the Centennial Class

Set to graduate as Babson celebrates its 100th birthday, the Class of 2019 takes time to offer the incoming Class of 2022 advice on how to be a …

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From the Soccer Field to Capitol Hill

History always has been the favorite subject of Carson Drake ’21. She also enjoys politics, which she calls “future history unfolding.” Drake …