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Winter 2018

Aaron Walton ’83

With Diversity and Inclusion for All

Companies are beginning to realize that diversity and inclusion are about more than “doing the right thing.” When groups of people from various backgrounds work together, not only do individuals benefit from an accepting and welcoming environment, but profits typically rise as well. These Babson alumni are helping to lead the charge to diversify corporate America.

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A Historic Appointment

In the fall of 2017, Marla Capozzi, MBA’96, became the first woman elected chair of the Babson Board of Trustees, joining President Kerry Healey, …

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To Follow a Dream

They fell in love in their native Slovenia, two young dreamers who liked to talk of their future plans. Now living half a world away, the Mikeks …

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Small Talk with Wiljeana Glover

When Wiljeana Glover was in college, a beloved aunt died due to a medical error. That tragedy led Glover to start thinking about health-care …

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Always About the Team

When Bala Iyer decided to come to Babson in 2006, he was thinking of his daughter. For 12 years, he had been teaching at Boston University, but a …

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A Home Away from Home

During her first semester at Babson, Larissa Moreira ’20 felt homesick as Thanksgiving break approached. “It’s a family time,” she says. “I saw …

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Women Chefs Cook Up Change

A group of 20 chefs from across the country arrived on campus last fall for a new five-day leadership program. Some were restaurateurs; others …

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Embracing Diversity of All Kinds

Students from across the country and around the world, from different backgrounds and cultures, live and learn side by side at Babson. This …

News, Notes + Nods

Wondering what your classmates have been up to? Come catch up!

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When Art Inspires

Painting pictures with a spray can is tricky, discovered students who attended an unconventional art workshop last semester. The workshop focused …

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Reaching New Heights

The Babson women’s volleyball program, which has reached new heights under the direction of seventh-year head coach Eric Neely, stepped further …