Babson Magazine

Spring 2019

News, Notes + Nods


Gary Mulkigian

Gary Mulkigian emails, “Jeff Neil ’92 and I became friends during our time at Babson. After school, we both went our separate ways. I moved to Haverhill, Mass., and one day, driving home from work, I looked to my right and there was Jeff. I rolled down my window and asked him where he was going and he said home. He lived only two miles away, but we did a poor job of getting together and after five years, I moved my family from Haverhill to Exeter, N.H. After living there a year, I was walking off a soccer field and ran into Jeff walking on. Come to find out that he moved to Exeter as well, his home again only two miles away from mine! This time, we didn’t do a poor job of getting together, and our families became great friends.” Pictured from left to right are Adam Neil, Raye Neil, Jeff, Gary, Maddie Mulkigian, and Alex Mulkigian.