Babson Magazine

Winter 2015

Steven Keating, MBA’15

Cool Kicks

Whether you play basketball. Or run. Or compete in soccer, or some other sport. Whether you’re an aficionado of hip-hop culture. Or a fashionista. Or maybe even a collector. Chances are you own a pair—or two, or three—of sneakers.

Sneakers also have captured the imagination of many from the Babson community, who give us a peek into this fun, fast-paced industry.

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An Ocean Odyssey

To say that Meredith Loring, MBA’13, and Sami Inkinen, her husband, believe in health and fitness is perhaps an understatement. Loring, who …

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The Road to Russia

When Bill Coyle first went to Russia, the year was 1993, and the Soviet Union had collapsed a mere 13 months earlier. What he found was a country …

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Small Talk with Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer Bailey loves surrounding herself with diversity, whether of people and cultures, or ideas, or art and music. “I love pushing my mind in …

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Flying Downhill

Mark Wallace, MBA’14, a lifelong skier, thinks he may have spent more time on skis than in shoes. One of three founders of Parlor ski company, he …

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A Different Kind of Pitch

The Babson community is no stranger to the rocket pitch. But the Quick Service Incubator, created by the Lewis Institute’s Food Sol, brings a new …

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Introducing the New Graduate Dean

Racing sailboats. Managing a radio station. Studying anthropology. These are some of the experiences that led Will Lamb to become a business …

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Boosting Needham’s Downtown

This past fall, Babson students once again collaborated with the town of Needham to enhance its downtown area and boost local businesses. The …

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Cultivating a Winning Way

In four short years, head coach Eric Neely turned the Babson volleyball program upside down. He took over a team that had one winning record in …

News, Notes + Nods

Wondering what your classmates have been up to? Come catch up!

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Sweet Relief

We all know that school can be stressful, especially during finals. To encourage graduate students to take a break during exams, the Graduate …

8 Ideas for a Better World

This March, 12 Babson students will attend the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative University, established by the former president to generate …

Permanent link to Sports and the Bonds that Connect Us

Sports and the Bonds that Connect Us

People often mark important milestones—whether in their own lives or as part of society—with an anniversary celebration. Anniversaries remind us …