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Summer 2018

Joel Holland


“Let’s get away from it all,” as the old song says. For sure, sometimes we just need a break from our many responsibilities. So we hit the road, take a flight, sail the ocean. But travel can be about much more than seeing sites and taking pictures to post on Instagram. If we’re willing to explore, to break out of our comfort zones, travel is a chance to step in the footsteps of others. It’s a chance to meet new people and experience different cultures, to learn and understand. And in the process, we gain fresh perspectives and personal insights that can inform how we go about our lives and careers.

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Take Flight

The plan seemed like a good one at first. A few years ago, Abby Speicher Carroll, MBA’15, was set to present at a business plan competition. Her …

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The Facts Speak for Themselves

One of Joanna Carey’s bedrock beliefs is that facts speak louder than opinions. The assistant professor of environmental science has a …

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The Doings of Doughnuts

Whether in franchises or at corporate headquarters, a surprising number of alumni work for Dunkin’ Brands.

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Small Talk with Lauren Belmont

As someone who loves to read, Lauren Belmont was happy to study English literature in college. Unsure of a career path following graduation, …

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Kenyan Women Learn Leadership

When growing a business, it’s never too late to have an epiphany, says Waceke Nduati. The Nairobi, Kenya, entrepreneur had hers after already …

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Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship

This spring, the Babson community gathered in Spain for the fourth annual Babson Connect: Worldwide (BCW), our global entrepreneurship summit. …

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Stepping onto the National Stage

For many, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. But for John Decker ’18, alumnus of the men’s track and field and cross-country …