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Summer 2013

Ian So ’08 (left) and Jaemin Lee ’08

Behind the Wheel of the Food Truck Biz

With their hip status, food trucks seem like a fun, cool way to make a buck. And they are, say those in the business, but these seemingly simple meals-on-wheels can take even the savviest entrepreneur for a bumpy ride.

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Getting to Know You

People often think they know Kerry Healey, Babson’s newly named president, especially if they’re from Massachusetts. With more than 15 years in …

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Lessons from the Romper Room

Sebastian Fixson is an optimist. He needs to be. The classroom isn’t a place for despair and resignation. “As a teacher, you have to be an …

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To The Extreme

At first, you think they’re crazy. Sure, people like to work out, to push themselves, but what these alumni do is beyond the usual. It’s beyond … Has related video

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Small Talk With Carolyn Hotchkiss

Carolyn Hotchkiss has two big passions. One is tai chi. Every Tuesday at noon, the law professor teaches faculty and staff the graceful exercise …

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Remembering the 2013 Boston Marathon

The third Monday in April may be Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts, but to many runners and fans the world over, it’s the day of the oldest annual …

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Water, Weed, Plant, Pick

The warm, summer sun shines as Danielle Krcmar stands in a part of campus many never come upon. She is behind Hollister Hall, near the back of …

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An Unlikely Star

After a summer internship behind a desk, Mitchell Henry ’13 had been anxious to return to Babson and get back on the tennis courts as team …

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A Warm Welcome

Since my first days on campus, I have been struck by the diverse, collaborative, and creative culture at Babson and the unique connection among …

News, Notes + Nods

Wondering what your classmates have been up to? Come catch up!

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Gearing Up For New Ventures

Babson Global, the wholly owned subsidiary of the College, is coming out of startup mode. It was founded 3 1/2 years ago to disseminate around …

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Readers Recall Babson Landmarks

I enjoyed your article on lost monuments [spring issue, “A Tour Through History”]. The one that most intrigues me was the burned-at-the-stake …