Babson Magazine

Spring 2014

Edlyn Wang ‘12

The (Mis)adventures of the Young and Newly Graduated

When Commencement ends and young alumni leave the comfort of campus, they are hurled into an unfamiliar world of new jobs and experiences. This is the life of 20-somethings, an age of rent and romance, dreams and doubts. It’s a scary time, but also exhilarating, as people strive to find their place in the world.

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Examining Our Health-Care System

Four years ago this spring, President Barack Obama gathered with a celebratory crowd in the East Room of the White House to sign into law the …

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The Running Man

Sports have given Rick Cleary a lot of enjoyment through the years. As a young man, he and a friend, armed with baseball schedules and Greyhound … Has related video

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Small Talk with Taelyr Roberts

Taelyr Roberts ’15 is a busy person. She’s president of the Slam Poetry Club, vice president of the Black Student Union, and student coordinator …

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Music Man

To date, Jamie Kent ’09, musician and songwriter, has released four albums. Two are full length, with 10 songs each, and two are shorter releases … Has related video

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What Inspired Your Brand?

From brainstorming sessions to personal connections, Alumni entrepreneurs share how they came up with the ideas for their brands.

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6 Tips to Attract Angel Funding

No magic formula exists for gaining the interest of angel investors. However, you can improve your chances with this advice from entrepreneurship …

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Learning from Other Cultures

Exploring Hong Kong on her own one day, Lorien Romito, director of education abroad, discovered this temple in Nan Lian Garden. Romito traveled …

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Victories and Accolades on Ice

A 22-5-2 record, a second straight appearance in the NCAA Tournament quarterfinals, and consecutive ECAC East Tournament titles for the first …

News, Notes + Nods

Wondering what your classmates have been up to? Come catch up!

Permanent link to Life After Football

Life After Football

When superstar quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning finally decide to retire from football, their departures will cause a lot of hubbub. …

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Filling in the Gaps

Asha Campbell ’17 says she not only was fortunate to have parents who encouraged her to go to college, but she also was fortunate to attend a …

Come One, Come All

Entrepreneurs seeking information, guidance, inspiration, and camaraderie as they strive to start businesses or infuse their workplace with new …

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Strength Through Connections

Babson is fortunate to have so many people who celebrate meaningful connections, developed during their time here, with the College. Thankfully, …