Babson Magazine

Fall 2015

Jalila Bouchareb '08

Remembering Your Roots

Our roots connect us to family, communities, cultures, ideals. As life takes these alumni in new directions, they haven’t forgotten where they came from. Through the help of entrepre­neurship, they reconnect with the roots that ground them.

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Culture Shock

Living in a foreign country can be a head-spinning experience. Everything you thought you knew, all the assumptions you made about behavior, …

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Small Talk with Colin Cunningham

Colin “Rip” Cunningham, MBA’72, knows his way around the rod and reel. Since 1973, he has hung his fishing hat at the Salt Water Sportsman …

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Assume Nothing

Rosa Slegers, MBA’13, associate professor of philosophy, has been thinking about updating her name on Babson’s website. Born in the Netherlands, … Has related video

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What Was Your First Job?

Dan Hermann, MBA’10, Co-founder of Paint Nite
My dad got me a summer job in a factory, unloading large PVC pipes …

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On the Air

For Kai Haskins ’18 and Sam Sternweiler ’17, radio still holds an allure, a magic. In an age when any kind of music you long to hear can be found …

News, Notes + Nods

Wondering what your classmates have been up to? Come catch up!

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Jingle Bells, Ugly Sells

Jack McCarthy ’17 is in the business of ugly. Not pretty or nice. Not charming or cute. Just straight-up, eye-popping, shake-your-head ugly. …

Welcome to Boot Camp

Slightly before 7 a.m. on a clear Thursday, we stand at the base of Map Hill Drive, looking at the campus road that winds its way up to the …

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A Different Kind of Surf and Turf

Lacrosse and surfing, two sports typically not associated with one another. But they happen to be favorites of Babson lacrosse player Charlotte …